The Possession of Hannah Grace: A Rant Review

The Possession of Hannah Grace is the worst movie I have ever seen in my life, and  I’ve seen Cool Cat Saves the Kids.

It’s like the head of sony’s 15-year-old son played five nights at Freddy’s and said”this is scary, what if I make it a movie but replace the animals with a girl with Marfan’s syndrome” then he pitched it to his father and they said “wow son you have a real talent” and then gave him 7.7 million dollars to make the movie and they spent it all on uber eats. then they shat out this movie with their allowance.
The main character is an ex-cop with a drug addiction, why? to make teenagers think it’s deep.
It’s so fucking boring that the reason that I didn’t walk out was because I was with a friend and we just giggled the whole time at the teenagers being stupid little cunts.
also, I was able to predict the jump scares.
Fuck this movie.


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