How The X-Men Films Changed Over Time

The original X-Men trilogy really nails home the “X-Men was intended to be an allegory for oppression”. You can see it especially in X2, where a group of mutants get the cops called on them for a false claim and the cops immediately shoot Logan just because he’s a mutant. But the later films really downplay the whole thing (First Class, Origins, Days of Future Past, etc). Treating the whole group as a superhero team, not civil rights activists. When mutants are discriminated against in later movies they are treated poorly because they have powers, not because they are different (besides Deadpool 2, where the whole plot started because of a conversion therapy center). Later on in the series, discrimination turns into genocidal tendencies from the government. For example putting stuff in the water to kill mutants in “Logan.” It becomes unrealistic. Using mutants as weapons instead of people. Don’t get me wrong, I like the franchise as a whole, it just changed.

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