Favorites of The 2010’s

Film + Television

Favorite Animated Series: “Gravity Falls” (2012-2016)

Favorite Live-Action Series: “Arrow” (2012-2020)

Favorite Episode of Anything: “End of Time: Part 2”

Favorite Animated Mini-Series: “Over The Garden Wall” (2014)

Favorite Live-Action Mini-Series: “11-22-63” (2016)

Favorite Live-Action Film: “Deadpool” (2016)

Favorite Animated Film: “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse” (2018)

Least Favorite Film: “The Possession of Hannah Grace” (2018)

Favorite Actor: Ryan Reynolds

Favorite Comedian: John Mulaney

Internet Stuff

Favorite Meme: Dat Boi

Favorite YouTuber: TomSka

Favorite Video: “Who took a shet”

Favorite Podcast: SleepyCast (2014-2019?)


Favorite Book: Ready Player One (2011)

Favorite Author: Dav Pilkey

Favorite Comic Book Series: Adventure Time (2012-2018)

Video Games

Favorite Video Game: LEGO Universe (2010-2012)

Favorite Video Game Console: Nintendo 3DS

Years in General

Least Favorite Year: 2018

Favorite Year: 2013

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